Kraksnax (C64) Commodore 64

Special Software & Graphix for the C64

Welcome to kraksnax, online repository for mo's kraksnax. enjoy and share.

Check back regularly for new additions to the library.

As a sidenote: the emphasis and screencaps of new release art are made and captured in NTSC. All releases therefore are verified NTSC/PAL, unless noted.


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  • Oils Well
  • Oils well here at Kraksnax, so here we have a humble krak with new pic of yet another 1983 classic game - Oils Well.. A timeless C64 game with a rich gameplay experience.

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  • C(64)Hunt
  • Explore the S.S. Tramiel: the ship-wrecked freighter containing the long lost shipment of C64 stuff, from the Tramiel fleet... An enhancement of an old-school US/NTSC '84 magazine game, this new reboot features: aggressive shark mode with non-cheatable timing; a chance of divers contracting 'nitrogen narcosis'; rankings along with over 64+ unique Commodore C64 treasures!

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  • Visit and pass 120 different chambers in... The Pyramid. 120 different chambers, 120 different aliens on 15 levels. This special release version comes with a custom conversion title intropic/intro, and some special instructions to help noobs out. The Commodore 64 was released on tape in UK a year after the game's debut on the ZX Spectrum computer system.

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  • WYR
  • Wyr is a very cool 2020 4k game, wyr u control bouncing spherical aliens that were captured accidently by scientists, trapped in a laboratory, which suddenly meets disaster. You select one and must find the others after which you can hopefully escape via a dimensional port back home.

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  • QWAK
  • A fun and polished port to the C64 of the Amiga game Qwak. 2017 Reset Edition v1.3, kraksnax added intropic by Mo.

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  • Recently unearthed lost Atarisoft cart port of Joust. Everybit as good as the Atari version in retro-spect. Best Atarisoft cart Commodore game? Time to dust off the others and see. Great gameplay with some interesting touches making this a winner.

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  • CYBORG '82
  • There are a few games out there called Cyborg, however, this one was the first from 1982 for the C64 - a super early title and pretty unique text adventure. The included new intro pic linked and created by Mo for the game, along with the intro game text says it all... The game also supports saved games, and a second 'Game Storage' disk is included. It's Cyborg from 1982!

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  • From 1985 the date of original UK cassette release to a late-arriving 1988 official issue of the game on disk in North America, this fun racquetball aka squash game was known under many unofficial titles, such 'voice racketball' on disk to simply squash, as actually noted in-game. A koala-drawn conversion/intro pic as been added...

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  • It's 1983 all over again, and again, at kraksnax. This one is simply a very funky release from a personal backup from 1983. Now sporting a funky intro and joystick 2 swap. A game not to be understimated, still one of the best basketball games of all-time.

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  • An insane reboot, hack n'crack of the classic 1983 infinite racing game Motor Mania! It's 2020 and time now for Motor Maniac!! Featuring a joystick 2 port, intro/demo game sequence, a 'level-switcher' [see SCORE PANEL on in-game title screen; use up on joystick] to potentially spawn more random hazards, such as more numerous water puddles, boulders and traps. Mix up Motor Mania and start game in either 'Maniac Mode' or just play the original classic unmolested... today.

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  • I always disliked minesweeper, a default game on Windows when Windows/DOS PCs took over the market, but... Dr. Pimple is an addictive, tough-as-nails, conceptually awesome Brit classic and as they might have said in days gone by, perhaps with a Sylvester McCoy-like (yea, I know he's Scottish) trill, "Rrrrippin. A Jolly Good Time." These are simply the pimply voices that I hear in my head. Try this puppy out and be haunted by the maniacal laughter of Dr. Pimple!

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  • A classic 80's Chicago-area produced C64 text adventure. For pervs. Goes great with a switchblade, vasoline, cuffs, tape and maybe some Cheap Trick. I would say not for kids, but then again a kid made it, the intended audience is kids, and I'm pretty sure only kidz played it. But I will warn that this makes the movie Kids, tame.

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  • Basically a super-cool western saboteur game that goes great with spaghett and some red vino.

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  • Another classic import, for fans of rabbits or hunting, you'll be lap'in this game up. Obscure memory, new krak, forgotten recipe, rustic, de-crypted, restored, reborn for your gaming addiction and C64 trophy cabinet of curiosities.

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  • OK, it's Paradroid with the rare US Thunder Mountain release cover graphix. OK. it's just a re-release of an old classic crack, but a crack many old-timers used to play. But it's a classic and still the crack many played 35 years ago and still do. Time to simply celebrate and remember the classics.